Frequently asked questions

Do I get to keep the signs?

No, Sign Gypsies of Troup primarily offers sign rentals. Our service entails designing a customized greeting to help you celebrate or announce your event, for delivery and setup, and retrieval.

What areas do you cover?

As our name implies, we cover Troup county, Georgia: 30240 & 30241 (LaGrange) and 31833 (West Point) ...but that's not all! We also cover the following zip codes: 31822 (Pine Mountain), 31830 (Warm Springs), 30222 (Greenville), 30230 (Hogansville) If your address isn't covered here, we can help you find a Sign Gypsie affiliate that covers your area.

Does someone need to be at the location when the greeting is being set up?

We don't require anyone to be there when we set up signs. We do ask that someone who lives in the home (or is a caretaker of a business property) be made aware that we will be setting the greeting up to avoid any uncomfortable surprises! We will send you a picture of the setup once it's complete!

What if I have outdoor pets?

Please make sure any animals that might object to our presence are either moved inside, or kept somewhere that they can't make their objections known! We love pets, but believe many of them are not willing to stop and listen to our reason for being in their yard!

How long will the greeting stay up?

We typically leave the greetings in place for a day (20-24 hours). However, inclement weather or excessively high demand may require us to pick up sooner. We will always coordinate with you well in advance so you are completely informed and your needs are met.

Extra time is available for most setups for additional charges (we will work this out with you in adavance).
Some setups, like for Graduation or Mother's Day, are very limited in inventory, and thus are not eligible for extended time.

Are your signs weatherproof?

Our signs are made of sturdy, high-quality materials. They can withstand the sun and rain quite well, as well as fairly windy conditions. We will watch the forecasts and work with you on scheduling.

What if I need to move the greeting?

If the greeting signs need to be moved, we ask that you please just give us a call. Please do not move anything yourself.

Can you set up greetings indoors?

We do have indoor setups available! Give us a call to discuss this in more detail.

When do you set up the greeting?

We will work with you to find the right time. We have set up greetings both before and after dark. We will take in to account travel time, weather, and safety as we work with you to set up a plan.